Welcome Star Wars collectors to Star Wars Toy Museum

We launched our site eight years ago as a resource for Star Wars toy collectors, and we've been overwhelmed by the warm welcome we've received from Star Wars fans worldwide. Star Wars Toy Museum provides the news and information you need to collect Star Wars toys and get the best deals available. Whether you're a completist or a newbie who seeks mint condition or out-of-package Star Wars collectibles, we're here to help. Here are a few hot spots on our site:

Finding a Star Wars Holy Grail - Blue Snaggletooth!

Today we discovered one of the greatest holy grails among the most rare of Star Wars toys - the Blue Snaggletooth that was ONLY available as part of the Cantina Adventure Set sold exclusively by Sears through the 1978 holiday season.

Enjoy Star Wars in Three Minutes - with action figures!

Oh, good - new acquisition! Vintage Kenner AT-AT

Vintage Millennium Falcon Star Wars Toy Museum has just acquired a nearly mint condition vintage Kenner AT-AT as part of its permanent collection of Star Wars toys. The Kenner AT-AT was one of the biggest and most highly coveted Star Wars vehicles of the vintage Star Wars toy collection. This particular AT-AT is not missing any parts, and incredibly, the lights and sound action underneath the head still work like new.

Labor of Love: Restoring our vintage Millennium Falcon

Vintage Millennium Falcon As Star Wars collectors, we spend a lot of time obsessively searching for mint condition Star Wars toys, but when it comes to our original Vintage Millennium Falcon, the one we've had since we were kids, there's nothing more valuable than the memories of a happy childhood spent playing with our favorite Star Wars toy. We're restoring her by replacing missing parts, but we wouldn't change this toy's history for anything.

Action Figure Data File: Princess Leia Organa

Princess Leia Organa Take a look at Star Wars Toy Museum's Action Figure Data File for our comprehensive listing of all Princess Leia action figures ever produced. You won't find this kind of detailed information anywhere else online. From the Vintage Kenner line to the most recent Hasbra Saga Collection, check out the best and the worst Princess Leia action figures and find out how you can own them all!

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